Annandale, Virginia

Korean Barbecue Tables are right at home in Annandale, VA

Annandale, VA is a vibrant part of the Washington DC metropolitan area. Little River Turnpike is the suburb’s oldest road and America’s first toll road. Annandale is home to many families, and is also the third largest Korean community in the country. In fact, downtown Annandale is also known as Koreatown. It is famous for its Asian dining options and delicious Korean Barbecue. Many residents are taking the fun home and building custom Korean Barbecue Tables into their backyard living areas.

What is a Korean BBQ Table

Essentially, a Korean Barbecue Table is a large table with seating for at least six with a barbecue built into the middle. It is a wonderful tradition where each guest prepares their own food to their personal tastes. In the Korean culture, these meals can last for hours and are a real social occasion. The table can be either round, square or rectangular, and your contractor will custom build it to your exact specifications. Some tables also include warming racks in front of each guest to keep food warm. When adding this feature to your outdoor living space, you can use your imagination and match the style of the table to your current decor.

Customizing your outdoor living space

Accentuate this area of your outdoor living space with authentic details that will add a feeling of tranquility and peace. Consider adding a water feature like a fountain or waterfall, surrounded by lush plantings. You can also add stone elements, or encase the dining area with bamboo fencing. Talk to your contractor about installing a beautiful overhang or pergola to make the space feel even more intimate. In Annandale, adding a custom built Korean Barbecue Table to your backyard deck or patio is a great way to bring family and friends together in a unique way to enjoy delicious food and drink, and each other’s company.

Annandale is already famous for its amazing Asian cuisine, and now your backyard can be famous for the same thing. Installing a Korean Barbecue Table is an easy project you can talk to your contractor about today. The chef in your family will love the new grilling options, and your family and friends will enjoy savory home cooked meals on your Annandale, VA deck or patio for years to come.

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