Guild Quality Craftsmenship

What is Guild Quality?

Guild Quality provides customer satisfaction surveying and reporting for hundreds of builders, remodelers, contractors and real estate professionals that are dedicated to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Daniels Design and Remodeling has utilized this service since 2007 in a continued quest to maintain high standards of customer service and building quality.

What does Guild Quality mean to you?

With our Guild Quality surveys we currently are maintaining a 96% Recommendation Rating. As a result, we are winners of the highest honor Guild Quality awards: “Guild Master with Distinction.” The greatest honor a member home builder can achieve is the Guild master award given to only a handful of Guild Quality members for exemplary quality and customer service. In order to even be considered for the award, the Guild Quality member must have achieved a recommended rate of 90% or greater with at least 70% of their customers completing a satisfaction survey.

Visit the Guild Quality web site to view our customer ratings and more of our comments: Guild Quality Ratings


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