Design Process

Design Build Agreement

The Design process begins with an easy to read, check clear agreement which outlines exactly what you can expect in each phase of the process.

Feasibility Study

This will engage the consulting services of our professional design and estimating team to develop, treatment with you, a clear project scope and budget parameters. We will conduct a visual inspection of all appropriate living spaces, gather conceptual and feasibility information, perform a design / functionality interview with you and discuss more in depth design concepts, challenges, and possible solutions, we will document the areas with on-site pictures and measurements. We will produce a written Project Scope with a preliminary budget range based on the data collected from the Feasibility Study and discuss with you. This budget will set the parameters for the rest of the Design-Build Agreement.

Conceptual Design

The purpose of Conceptual Design is to engage the design services of our team to develop the ideas from the Feasibility Study into scaled drawings, sick which clearly convey the intent of the project. Explore multiple solutions and create multiple conceptual drawing options Conceptual design will be considerate of the existing architectural elements, and will be consistent with requests of the Owner. Provide conceptual to-scale drawings to include: floor plans, elevations and 3-D views.

Design Development and Product Selections

The purpose of Design-Development, is to engage the design services of our team to refine the approved conceptual design, develop and manage all product selections, and compile into one clear, complete and cohesive package. Assistance from our professional designer to help identify and coordinate all material selections needed to complete your project Further refine the project design with to-scale drawings to include: floor plans, elevations, 3-D views, electrical plan, and framing plan.

Site Study

Perform a “Site Study”, which is an on-site evaluation of all existing conditions with our construction team and all major specialty trade contractors. This evaluation process will minimize unknown surprises during construction Familiarize the entire team with your project and you with the team. You can ask questions or just watch; either way you will become comfortable with who will be working on your project Each trade with provide firm costs for their component of responsibility. We will refine the operating budget into a firm, and accurate project cost.

Remodeling Agreement Presentation

We will prepare and submit a fixed investment Remodeling Agreement outlining the exact cost, approximate duration, and payment terms for construction of the project as designed. Our Remodeling Agreements are heavily focused on the project scope. These agreements are typically between 25 and 45 pages long! Now that is setting clear understanding!

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