Meet Kaki. Growing up in North Carolina, Kaki was constantly surrounded by design and art through the influence of my mother and grandmothers. Interior design is my passion. She graduated from East Carolina University with a degree in Psychology. After graduation,she moved to the DC area, where her passion has led the way throughout her career. Kaki has over 10 years of experience in the remodeling industry working as a lead kitchen and bath designer on a variety of different remodeling projects. With that, she has have over 14 years of onsite experience; learning products, construction and design planning including 20/20 design layouts.

Kaki’s Style

Her main goal is to create spaces that are inviting, tell a story about the individual and/or family she is working with, and to have an unexpected element in the design. Kitchens are her favorite spaces as in our modern world it is often the “new family room”. Bathrooms are another favorite place of hers to design. She enjoys creating a place that is yours to relax in and welcomes the challenge of achieving that feeling even in the smallest space. Oh and don’t get her started on color! She might be a little obsessed with the paint wheel! Her purse is always big enough to carry one wherever she goes.

Outside the Office

Her husband and two amazing young children (Truman & Maley = Truley) have given her inspiration in creating spaces that tell her family’s story. Her goal is to offer that same story telling space to my clients. That is really the part of the design process she loves the most; helping real people make their home “Truley” theirs.

Education and Certificates

  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from East Carolina University.
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