The hottest colors and textures for your home change over time. Very recently, shining stainless steel and glossy granite counter tops ruled luxury kitchens. In 2017, a more subtle approach is taking center stage. Matte finishes, knobby textures, and muted metals are all elements you can bring into your home to have the latest look.


Abundant texture is hot today in interior design. Texture can be found everywhere, in lighting fixtures, furniture upholstery, and wallpapers. Furniture accents like brushed metal tables add texture to a room, as well as nubby throws on sofas. Artisan crafted furniture with natural textures are also an excellent choice to add layers to a room.

Matte Finishes

In the latest Northern Virginia kitchen renovations, matte finish counter tops are becoming more popular. Counter top materials with a matte finish include familiar favorites like Corian and butcher block. You can also choose more unusual materials like zinc, cement, or natural limestone.

Black Stainless Steel Appliances

The reign of stainless steel appliances in high-end kitchens may be coming to an end. All major appliance manufacturers including Kitchenaid, LG, and Samsung are now offering black stainless steel appliances. One major selling point is that they are smudge free and won’t pick up fingerprints like traditional stainless steel. The look also goes along with the trend of matte, muted tones.

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