Healthier lifestyles has led to more people favoring making meals at home. This means homeowners desire and updated, renovated kitchen to enjoy cooking in. It has also led to healthier eating habits, with more people eating more fruits and vegetables. Everyone is familiar with outdoor vegetable gardens, but what is indoor gardening?

How much space is needed?

There is no set amount of space needed to garden indoors. You can use as much or as little as you like. An indoor garden can be set up on a windowsill, a bench, or on shelving. Shelving set up in a sun room allows you to grow fresh tomatoes, herbs like basil and cilantro, and salad greens.

Lighting an indoor garden

If you don’t have enough natural light for your plants, you will need to consider what type of grow lights will work in your home. Grow lights on shelving can be very unobtrusive. There are several types of lighting to choose from, florescent lights, incandescent lamps, compact florescent systems, and high-intensity discharge lights.

Go high tech!

The new interest in indoor gardening has spurred a demand for high-end solutions. Systems like the Urban Cultivator look a lot like a wine fridge. It grows plants hydroponically, all you need is an electric line and a water line.

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